YEAR  2009


1.Angeles City Racing Pigeon Association- (ACRPA)
2.Angeles City Racing Pigeon Club - (ACRPC)

3.Asian Pigeon Club of the Philippines - (APC)
4.Baguio-Benguet Racing Pigeon Club - (BBRPC)
5.Bataan Homing Pigeon Association  - ( BHPA)

6.Batangas Pigeon Sports Club – ( BPSC )
7.Batangas Racing Pigeon
Union - (BRPU)

8.Binangonan Racing Pigeon Club - (BRPC)
9.Birds Bulacan Racing Pigeon Association - (BBRPA)
10.Bulacan Fancier Racing Pigeon Club - (BFRPC)

11.Bulacan Federation  - (SUPRA /BBPA)

12.Bulacan Fancier Racing Club ( BFRC)

13.Cavite Homing Pigeon Organization - (CHPO)

14.Cavite Racing Pigeon Association  - (CRPA)
15.Cavite Racing Pigeon Club - (CRPC)
16.Cavite Racing Pigeon Society - CRPS
17.Eastern Pigeon Fanciers Club - (EPFC)

18.Dagat-Dagatan Pigeon Club-  (DDPC)
19.Fernandino Racing Club Association - (FRPA)
20.Gapan City Pigeon Club, Inc. - ( GCPC)

21.Golden Wings Racing Pigeon Association - (GWRPA) Meycauayan ,Bulacan

22.Gruppo Filipino Racing Pigeon Club - (GFRPC)

22 Ilocandia Racing Pigeon Association (IRPA)   Ilocos Norte

23.Vigan Racing Pigeon Association (VPRA)  Vigan, Ilocos Sur

24.Kalapati Association of the Philippines - KAPI

25.Kawit Racing Pigeon Club - KRPC

26.Kingcock Racing Pigeon Federation -(KRPF)
27.Laguna Racing Pigeon Club - ( LRPC)

28.Luzon Racing Pigeon Association -  (LRPA)
29.Mabuhay Racing Pigeon Club - (MRPC)

30.Mabuhay Valenzuela Pigeon Association - (MVPA) Inc.

31.Malibay Pigeon Racers Club - (MPRC)
32.Manila Racing Pigeon Inc. - (MRPI)
33.Manresa Pigeon Fancier Club

34.Metro Cebu Racing Pigeon Association (MCRPA)     Cebu
35.Metro Manila Fanciers Club - (MMFC)

36.Metropolitan Pigeon Fanciers Association (MPFA)

37.Mindoro Racing Pigeon Club - (MRPC)

38.National Federation of Pigeon Fancier ( NFPF )

39.National Pigeon Club - (NPC)

40.Northern Philippine Racing Pigeon Club Inc. - (NPRPC)

41.Nueva Ecija Homing Pigeon Association - (NEHPI)

42.Nueva Ecija Racing Pigeon Club - (NERPC)

43.Olongapo Racing pigeon Union - (ORPU)
44.Pampanga Racing Pigeon Inc. - (PRPI)

45.Pampanga Pigeon Racing  Club - (PPRC)
46.Pangasinan Homing Pigeon Club (PHPC)

47.Pasay Pigeon Sports Club ( PPSC )

48.Pasay Pigeon Fanciers Combine - (PPFC)
49.Pasig Pigeon Breeders Club - (PPBC)

50.Philippine Flyers Union - (PFU) Laguna

51.Philippine Homing Association (PHA )

52.Philippine Homing Club ( PHC )

53.Philippine Pigeon Racing Association - (PPRA)  Calamba ,Laguna

54.Philippine Racing Pigeon Union - (PRPU)

55.PigeoN GoinG on a MissioN - (PGM)

56.Pilar Bataan Racing Pigeon Club - (PBRPC)

57.Pilipinas Federacion Colombophile  - ( PFC )

58.Porac Racing Pigeon Club  - (PRPC)

59.Quezon City Racing Pigeon Club ( QRPC )
60.Racing Pigeon Center for Asia Inc. - (RPCA)

61.Rizal Sprint Pigeon Club (RSPC)

62.San Fernando Racing Pigeon Club  - (SFRPC)

63.Santolan Racing Pigeon Club -  (SRPC)

64.Santa Maria Pigeon Club - (SMPC)

65.Sta. Maria Unified Pigeon Racing Association - (SUPRA)

66.Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija Pigeon Association   (SRNEPA)

67.Southern Luzon Flyers Union - (SLFU)

68.Southern Luzon Homing Pigeon Association) - (SLHPA)

69.Southern Racing Pigeon Society - (SRPS)

70.Tarlac City Racing Pigeon Club (TRPC)

71.United Pampanga Fanciers Club -  ( UPFC)

72.United Pigeon Racing Association ( UPRA )

73.United Pigeon Society (UPS)

74.United Pigeon Sportsmen of Olongapo -  (UPSO)

75.United Rizal  Pigeon Club - (URPC)



Courtesy of Toto Bunag

Pifers Int'l.




CTRPA(CRPA) Republic of China Match Pigeon Association
CHINA China carrier pigeon general meeting
TAIWAN Taiwan Province carrier pigeon association
TFPF (CFPF) Taiwan Hisoar League of Nations
KLPR Gaoxiong Area Carrier pigeon Association
TORPU KLPR peace dove Yilan North Sea champion meeting
RPATC Taina County match pigeon association
UN haven union branch
TOIF Taiwan Hisoar League of Nations
Taiwan pigeon Taiwan Province carrier pigeon association
ROC China Taiwan Carrier pigeon Association
THPA China Taiwan Carrier pigeon Association
RON Bingdong Flying Pigeon Association